Giving Kids Roots   Roots is a project that I co-produced with Ellie Telander to bring to light the difference a nonprofit is making for Missouri's underprivileged youth. Together, we made a website with text, photo and video to show why this nonprofit is necessary to the community of Columbia. This video is the gem of the project. 

What you don't know about some small businesses.   Boone County has the largest number of businesses with their sales tax license revoked in mid-Missouri. With two other reporters, we produced this broadcast style video to tell the story of one business owner in Columbia. 

Is a trail the answer to a small town's prayers?    While talking to the locals of Belle, Missouri, my team and I discovered that many people in the small town disagreed over a matter than could greatly impact Belle's economy: the Rock Island Trail. Together, Hailey Hofer, Yixuan Wang, and I created a piece to reflect the range of opinions in mid Missouri. 

The Buzz on the Street     Many people don't know that it costs beekeepers more money than ever before to produce honey. This video, which I produced with Jamie Hobbs, Hailey Hofer and Tong Li explains the financial burden that one Missouri beekeeper faces to do the job he loves.

Healthcare in Missouri      It’s the middle of the night and you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You go to the emergency room expecting the worst, but it’s just bad indigestion. A few weeks later, more pain: the bill. Your insurance company has stopped covering emergency room visits it doesn’t deem as emergencies. 

In Cold Blood     Many people might find taxidermy to be barbaric,  but a taxidermist in mid Missouri see's his profession as "just another art form." 

A Natural High    This is one of the first pieces I produced. Although short, this video demonstrates various vantage points that can be achieved with video