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Native American women Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids are running for Congress. Hopefully fresh blood can bring about positive change

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Usually, I believe that all problems can be solved with ole’ fashion face-to-face conversation, but we all know this won’t be a calm chit-chat


I am a member of a party that notoriously votes for gun rights, but I can’t vote for a candidate who will be pressured to look past the facts of what happened yesterday

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Some might see Arthur Jones’s impending nomination as a freak misstep, but it’s actually an unavoidable consequence, allowed by the uniformed and the unbothered


After living in the UK for a couple weeks, I have noticed that people here tend to associate anything slightly conservative with racism or sexism. I have also been astounded to see that the majority of people here believe Americans are idiots – it's not true at all